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History of the School

Professor Eric Willoughby

Professor Eric O. Willoughby

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was formally founded by Professor Willoughby in 1946, however courses were run in conjunction with other schools for a number of years before that. It initially offered an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical).

Over time the curriculum evolved with changing technology but has retained its essential nature as a broad curriculum founded on a strong basis of science, maths and technology principles.

In 1983 the name of this degree, along with the name of the Department were changed to Electrical and Electronic Engineering, recognising the importance of electronic technologies in its research and teaching. The Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) program was introduced in 1990 and the Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology and Telecommunications) was introduced in 1996. This was renamed Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) in 2005 to reflect a shift in emphasis in its curriculum. In 2001 a change in the University structure saw the name change to the present School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Over the years the School has build up a strong reputation in the community and academic world.  Staff, students and graduates of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are held in high regard, with achievements being regularly recognised by peers, industry and excellence bodies worldwide.

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Level 3 (Room 3.26), Ingkarni Wardli Building


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