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Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering graduates get more jobs.

Data released from the latest 2015 GradStats report show Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineers have the highest employment rate for graduates in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields . The report show that over 78% of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering graduates seeking employment, had full time employment 4 months after graduating.

Graduate Employment Success Rate

The good employment rate for Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering graduates reflects the broad range of career opportunities available in many industries and fields. Engineering provides the practical application of science and maths many employers seek, and while graduates from some other disciplines can often be restricted to careers in particular industries, electricity is everywhere.  From medical electronic devices in the health sector, to the avionics used in defence and the aerospace industries.  From power generation and distribution industries, to factories and businesses of all sizes and sectors that use electricity for anything from office automation equipment to robots to large electrical machinery.    In homes, businesses, government organizations and educational institutions, everywhere consumer electronic devices are transforming the way we interact and communicate.

Electrical and Electronic Engineers are needed to design, develop and support all the electrical and electronic devices and systems for the advanced technological world we live in.   Our courses equip graduates with the skills and qualifications needed to launch an engineering career in our modern electricity centric world that can provide opportunities to work with the latest technology.  Not only that, Electronics Engineers are among some of the highest paid workers in the country.  Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show Electronics Engineers in the top 20 highest paying jobs in Australia, earning an average of $55.90/hr making Electronics Engineers the highest paid engineers outside mining.

To see examples careers from some of our graduates, check out our Graduate Profiles page or you can see a list of current positions held by some of our Alumni.

Further information on some of the career opportunities in Electrical and Electronic Engineering can be found on the links below:

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