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Electronic Engineering is a pathway to a broad range of careers.

Electronics is one of the greatest enabling technologies of our age.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering students with a robot

Areas where electronics has enhanced our society include:

  • Medical electronic devices helping people with disabilities (e.g. hearing aids, bionic eyes and prosthetic limbs)
  • Robotic systems allowing remote operations in environments where humans cannot (e.g. Mars Rovers, bomb disposal robots)
  • Avionics systems allowing aircraft to travel our skies safely(e.g. radar, navigation systems, communications and flight control systems)
  • Electronic control systems making lives easier by automating processes (from anti-collision radar in cars to large industrial process control)
  • Communications systems allowing people and machines to communicate around the world (e.g. mobile phones, internet, bluetooth)
  • Consumer electronic devices transforming the way we spend our leisure time (TV, media players, computers, tablets, iPods and eReaders)

Electronic engineers are needed to design, develop and support all these devices and systems and many more!

A degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering provides graduates with a wide range of fundamental knowledge in core disciplines such as communications, control systems, signal processing, radio frequency design, micro-processors, micro-electronics, power generation and electrical machines. Emphasis is placed on underlying principles and techniques so that graduates will be able to learn and seamlessly adapt to new technologies when they emerge to face future challenges. Engineering is the practical application of science.

If you enjoy science and technology and are interested in a career where you can practically apply maths and scientific principles in a wide range of areas of society, a career in Electronic Engineering could be the answer.

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Level 3 (Room 3.26), Ingkarni Wardli Building


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