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Engineer a Sustainable Future

In a world hungry for energy, Electrical Engineers specializing in Power and Sustainable energy are needed to develop and support the sustainable generation and distribution systems of the future.

wind farm with engineer

Working in Sustainable Energy provides the opportunity to make an impact of the future of the planet while helping deliver the energy people need today.

Sustainable Energy and Power Systems are a major focus in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Students choosing to study a degree at this School in Electrical and Sustainable Energy or Electrical and Electronic Engineering will be taught by leading electric power engineering researchers in the field.

The majority of the power engineering courses in the School contain a significant amount of experimental work. The School has one of the few full-scale power machines laboratories in the world, providing students with a rare opportunity to perform hands-on tests on real-world electrical machines rather than using scaled models or computer simulations. Experimental work included in other mandatory and elective power engineering courses include:

  • characterising a solar panel and learning how it can be controlled to maximise its output power;
  • measuring the performance characteristics of a small wind generator;
  • analysing the power quality characteristic of an electrical appliance which you bring from home and comparing its performance against Australian standards;
  • detecting faults in an operating electric machine by taking measurements of different parameters.

For further information on the degree programs on offer in the School, learn about our Undergraduate Degrees.

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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