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Computer Engineering ?

Electrical and Electronic Engineering students with a robot

Computer systems are a critical enabling part of today's technologies. Embedded within networks, products and services, most computer systems look nothing like desktop computers. They are the hidden digital controllers that provide the intelligence behind these systems. Devices like smartphones, game consoles and network routers all have computer systems at their core. Similarly, technologies such as building automation, industrial control, robotics and business data processing are all built around computer systems.

Computer engineers plan, design and improve computer systems and conceive new ways of applying them to existing devices, equipment and processes. They have expertise in both software engineering and electronic hardware design. They can design and build computer hardware and interface it to other equipment, and also write the software to run on these systems. Their detailed knowledge of both hardware and software gives them greater insight into the operation of complex systems.

Studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering, majoring in Computer Engineering at The University of Adelaide will provide you with the comprehensive skills and knowledge in both hardware and software engineering that will open up a broad range of career opportunities to work in various fields of computer engineering.

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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