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Head of School

Name & Contact Details Position Research Interests

SOONG, Assoc Prof Wen

Head of School
Associate Professor
Electrical machines and drives, renewable energy, power system energy storage

FUMEAUX, Professor Christophe

Deputy Head

Antennas and microwaves, RF-inspired micro- and nano-structures, computational electromagnetics, reconfigurable antennas, wearable antennas
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Academic Staff

Name & Contact Details Position Research Interests

ABBOTT, Professor Derek


ARC Future Fellow

Biomedical engineering; electromagnetic systems and sensors; game theory; complex and quantum systems

ALLISON, Dr Andrew G.

Lecturer B Applied statistics, electric power engineering, mathematical aspects of classical mechanics, biomedical engineering


Senior Lecturer

Course Adviser -
Undergraduate programs (Semester 1)

Biomedical engineering, microelectromechanical systems, microelectronics and integrated circuits, nanoelectronics
BAUMERT, Assoc Prof Mathias

Associate Professor

ARC Aust Research Fellow

Biomedical engineering, cardiovascular system and hematology, neurosciences, signal processing

CHEW, Dr Hong Gunn

Associate Lecturer/Co-ordinator Honours and Masters Projects Autonomous systems, cyber security, machine learning

ERTUGRUL, Assoc Prof Nesimi

Associate Professor

Work Experience Adviser
Electrical machines and drives, renewable energy systems, energy storage in power systems, driverless  systems

FUMEAUX, Professor Christophe


Deputy Head of School

ARC Future Fellow

Antennas and microwaves, RF-inspired micro- and nano-structures, computational electromagnetics, reconfigurable antennas, wearable antennas

LIEBELT, Professor Michael J.


Course Advisor -
Master of Eng Degree Program

First year and service course coordinator

Computer architecture, asynchronous digital systems, parallel architectures, hardware-based artificial general intelligence, engineering education

LIM, Professor Cheng-Chew


Director of Research

Trusted autonomous systems, collective intelligence systems, optimisation, internet of things, cybersecurity

NG, Dr Brian W-H

Senior Lecturer

Director of Teaching

Radar signal processing, digital signal processing, wavelets and multirate filter banks

PHILLIPS, Dr Braden J.

Senior Lecturer

Co-ordinator Outreach and Marketing

Artificial and bio-inspired intelligence, computer hardware and architecture, microelectronics and integrated circuits

SHI, Professor Peng

Professor Systems and control theory, hybrid systems, multi-agent systems, networked control systems   

SOONG, Assoc. Prof Wen Liang

Associate Professor

Electrical machines and drives, renewable energy, power system energy storage

SORELL, Dr Matthew J.

Senior Lecturer

Course Adviser -
Undergraduate programs (Semester 2)

Digital forensics, cyber security, telecommunications, multimedia coding and protocols

WHITE, Professor Langford B.

Professor Communication Networks Sonar sensor array processing, statistical modelling and estimation, Markov decision processes

Postgraduate Coordinator

Lecturer C

Terahertz science and technology, terahertz communications, metamaterials, plasmonics, antennas

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Research and Teaching

Name & Contact Details Position Discipline
ASENSTORFER, Dr John Guest Lecturer Signals & Systems
BATES, Dr Bevan Guest Lecturer Radar
GIBBINS, Dr Danny Senior Research Fellow Signal Processing

GRASSO, Mr Alfio "Alf"

Guest Lecturer Business Management Systems
HO, Mr Henry Research Engineer THz Biomedical Engineering
PAN, Mr Haijun Research Engineer Power
PNG, Dr Gretel ARC Research Fellow THz Biomedical Engineering

TRINKLE, Mr Matthew

Research Signal Processing
VOWLES, Mr David J. Research Engineer Power and Control
ZHANG, Mr Qiming Research Engineer Power & Control

Emeritus Staff

Name & Contact Details Position Discipline
BOGNER, Emeritus Professor Robert E. Emeritus Professor Signal Processing
COUTTS, Emeritus Professor Reg P. Emeritus Professor Communications
GRAY, Emeritus Professor Douglas A. Emeritus Professor Signal Processing
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Professional Staff

Name & Contact Details Position Responsibility


Technical Assistant Laboratory support and storeman

GUEST, Ms Franca

Learning Support Officer
O'BRIEN, Mr Alban P. Technician (Electronics) Analogue Electronic & PCB design, Fabrication & Assembly, Laser Safety, CAD

PULLEN, Mr Brandon F.

Senior Technician (Electronics) Precision & CNC Machining, CAD, Mechanical, Vehicle Steering & suspension design
SCHLUTER, Ms Jodie Administration Officer Office administration

SIMCIK, Mr Pavel

School Business Manager Oversee School Operations

SLATER, Mr Aubrey

Technician(Electronics) Power equipment design and manufacture, 3D printing, CAD

Title Holders

Name & Contact Details Position Discipline


Adjunct Associate Professor  Signal Processing
CHOI, Adjunct Professor JinHo Adjunct Professor

Wireless Communications

COLEMAN, Dr Chris Visiting Research Fellow Electromagnetics
DAVEY, Dr Sam Adjunct Senior Lecturer Signal Processing
DAVIS, Dr Bruce R. Visiting Research Fellow Communications
FISCHER, Dr Bernd M. Adjunct Associate Professor THz Biomedical Engineering

FUSS, Adjunct Professor Ian

Adjunct Professor Communications
GIBBARD, Dr Michael J. Honorary Visiting Research Fellow Control & Power
GRIFFIN, Dr Donald W. Visiting Research Fellow Electromagnetics
HALL, Dr Leonard Adjunct Senior Lecturer Electromagnetics

HANSEN, Dr Hedley J.

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Electromagnetics
IQBAL, Dr Azhar Adjunct Senior Lecturer Complex Systems and Optimization
KIKKERT, Dr Keith Adjunct Associate Professor RF Electronics
MAZUMDAR AM, Dr. Jagan Adjunct Professor Biomedical Engineering


Adjunct Senior Lecturer Biomedical Engineering
MICKAN, Dr Samuel Adjunct Senior Lecturer Professional Practice

ROGERS, Dr Derek

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Communications

SINNOTT, Adjunct Professor Don

Adjunct Professor


TUCKWELL, Dr Henry Adjunct Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering
WESTE, Adjunct Professor Neil H.E. Adjunct Professor VLSI
WILLIAMS, Dr Jason Adjunct Senior Lecturer Signal Processing
Wong, Dr Kelvin KL Adjunct Senior Lecturer
WONG, Dr Wai Kin Adjunct Senior Lecturer Power


Visiting Research Fellow Power

School Advisory Committee

Mr Martyn Pearce Electric Energy Society of Australia (Chair)
Mr Paul Arthur Business Development Manager
Research Contracts and Partnerships
Dr Kim Brown

Head of Electronic Support Systems, Cyber & Electronic Warfare Division
DSTO Edinburgh

Mr Frank Crisci Manager, Emergency Management
SA Power Networks
Ms Gosia Davis

Project Engineering Manager
BAE Systems Australia

Mr Bruce Hatwell

Lucid Consulting Australia

Dr Andrew Dunbar

Director, Office of Science, Technology and Research
Department of State Development

Ms Olivia O'Neill

Brighton Secondary School

Dr David Murfett

Engineering Manager and Defence Liaison
Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Level 3 (Room 3.26), Ingkarni Wardli Building


T: +61 8 8313 5277
F: +61 8 8313 4360