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Health Technology

Health Technology research focuses on sensing and processing of biomedical signals and the design of medical devices. Highly multidisciplinary research is carried out in conjunction with leading medical research groups in Australia and overseas.

The research is supported by various ARC grants, including an ARC ARF fellowship, an ARC postdoctoral fellowship, and funding from the Go8 fellowship scheme. The objective is to apply engineering concepts in biomedical research in a highly multidisciplinary team of internationally recognized scientists to work towards improving diagnostics and treatment opportunities of cardiovascular and other diseases. We aim to become an international leader in developing innovative health technology that improves the health of Australians and extends worldwide.

Focus Areas

  • Biomedical Electronic Devices

    Current projects include:

    • Wireless stent for coranary heart disease
    • Conductive textiles and polymers for wireless biomedical systems
  • Medical Monitoring and Diagnostics
    solar panels

    Current projects include:

    • Sensing and processing biomedical signals for automated medical monitoring and diagnostics
    • Brain computer interface for stroke rehabilitation
    • Characterising sleep related breathing disorders for semi-automated screening tools
    • Biosensing - biomarker and protein detection

    Current Research Student Opportunities:

More Information

Further details are available, please contact the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering office.

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