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Power and Energy

Control, Energy and Power Engineering research concerns the studies of complex control systems, and generation, distribution and efficient use of electrical energy from sustainable sources.


Focus Areas

  • Systems and Control
    cathedral rocks wind farm

    The research focus is in two key areas. In control, our research is examining dynamics and control of complex hybrid systems (including stochastic jump systems, singular systems, switched hybrid systems, fuzzy systems, and multidimensional systems). In power, our research is examining areas in automated fault and disturbance analysis, sensitivity analysis,damping performance of power systems, determining of power system limits, and integration of wind farms into power systems.

    Current projects include:

    Major strengths of the group include a large number of top notch (ISI-Q1 and ERA-A*) journal publications with high citation rates, extensive international collaborations resulting in regular visitors and exchange research students, and multi-year research contracts with power industry.
    • Machines and Drives
      solar panels

      The research in machines and drives is primarily focussed at developing low-cost power electronics and motor drives, using novel magnetic material types (e.g. soft magnetic composites, amorphous magnetic material) and simplified power electronics and control techniques. There is ongoing work in condition monitoring of electrical machines, power quality analysis, and integration of energy storage.

      Current projects include:

      Major strengths of the group include awards of industry linkage project grants, and extensive industry research collaborations.


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      Further details are available, please contact the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering office.

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